what do we believe

values and mission 

mini manifesto 

  • who is behind this brand?
  • faces
  • link to team bio pages

include schema such as founderspecialtyaudience

who is behind this brand?

  • faces
  • link to team bio pages 

include schema such as founderspecialtyaudience

who is behind this brand?

  • faces
  • link to team bio pages 

include schema such as founderspecialtyaudience

I never thought I would be a teacher. Though there is nothing wrong in being a teacher. My mum was a teacher and my dad started his profession as a teacher. But as I was growing up the profession took a back seat to other professions like doctors, and engineers. 

Teaching in a higher level (a college) didn’t make it any better. The environment is very political. Excellence is not always recognized or rewarded. The hours are long and the workload stressful. The workplace was uncomfortable and unsafe. There is little room for creativity and self expression. You are tied to a stagnant curriculum. 

And the income is very limited. The stories and experiences I saw my senior colleagues go through – late rent payments, legal action against them because of debts owed, children changing (or leaving) schools because they were unable to afford tuition – was scaring me.         

I’m grateful to have found a solution that will help me fix those problems. I found a way to use the experiences and skills from my teaching background but without the unattractive limitations. I found a way to not only help myself but to help other people like me. I found a way to make my time more productive. I found a way to make more money. I found a way to make a bigger difference.

Now I wake up every day with purpose. I don’t remember going to work with regret. I don’t say “I hate Mondays” or “I wish today was Friday”. I embrace everyday equally, knowing that it’s an opportunity to get closer to my goals.  I work on “my business” knowing that it will secure for me and my family a future that we both desire. I’m appreciated instead of being tolerated. I am surrounded by like minded, driven and goal oriented people. I’ve got a plan. I’ve got a dream. I’ve got a direction.

The resolution 

  • supportive evidence of ability to resolve the conflict (social proof, statistics, data, awards, years in business) 

The resolution 

what problem do(oes) we (network marketing) solve? How?

  • value proposition (how the problem is solved)
  • differentiation (approach is unique, ideally because it comes from values)

The Sequel 

What is our vision for the future?

  • Where are we going next?
  • How does this align with our values and our clients’ needs?
  • What do we think will happen that others feel is unlikely?
  • What is the top concern for our industry in the long term?
  • What will we be doing in 25 years?

The Dialogue 

What do we sound like? 

  • Quotes from leadership and team members
  • Videos that feature the leadership and team members
    (mini-documentary, highlighting the story and values)
  • Social feeds (the visuals of recent social media activity that showcase the team, the culture and the values)
  • Blog posts (especially when the content program includes thought leadership and strong perspectives)

The Setting

Where is this business?

  • Pictures of the office interiors or building exterior
  • Maps of locations

The Credits 

How can we get in touch 

  • final call to action